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Supa Kuzushi Grip Trainer Pair

Supa Kuzushi Grip Trainer Pair

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If you're a judoka or BJJ practitioner you know it's all about power and technique and to be effective you can't have one without the other. Supa Kuzushi delivers both. Designed by high-level fighters the Supa Kuzushi is the most effective way to give you crushing grip strength, dynamic pulling power and the forearm strength of Popeye. Use the Supa Kuzushi to target your specific weaknesses or as a full-body workout to strengthens all your power centres in just a few exercises.

Supa Kuzushi versatility is unbeatable!
  • Use in the weight room to incrementally add weight and resistance so you are always pushing your limits making you stronger with every rep.
  • Simulate chokes, throws, kuzushi, grip breaking in the gym or on the mat.
  • Use free-training with elastics, training partners, belts or cables.
  • Loop the heavy nylon belt around barbells, dumbbells, and chin-up bars to add versatility to your workout.
  • Perfect for solo uchikomi at home or dojo.
  • The fastest most effective way to develop pulling techniques with your entire body.
  • Excellent training tool for the progressive sensei to use during class exercises.


  • Made from heavy-duty 100% cotton gi material to best simulate grappling sports.
  • The power collar is identical to a premium gi designed to best simulate an actual judo or BJJ gi.
  • Sleeve design simulates gripping a gi sleeve.
  • Heavy-duty nylon belt with a carabiner.

No need to waste your money on expensive contraptions that aren't focussed on your judo or BJJ game. The Supa Kuzushi is the only auxiliary training you need.


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